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Thursday, 20 November 2008


Well its been a long time since i have written anything on here so i thought i had better say hello again , well at the moment i am full of cold ,anyone want it feel free to ask and i will gladly send it to you , don't think many people visit my blog but hey you never know , was wondering how you put a counter thingy on it ,maybes someone will tell me , that's if anyone visits and actually reads this , oh well best go ,so catch you all later xxx

1 comment:

sheffsue said...

We do visit you...and hope that you recover very quickly. Seems a lot of people have the dreaded bug at the moment. Forgotten how to actually put the counter on.... but if you click on the counters on anyones blog that has one... it will tell you how to set up. I did mine so it must be fairly easy..lol
Take care

Sue x